KTM 990 FI Idle Adjustment

By:Helmet Head

I haven't had any stalling problems, but I've always felt my idle was a tad low, so I decided to play around with it.

The throttle-stop screw is indeed behind the little triangle of plastic on the left side of the airbox cover (click for large image):

You can see that there is a gap between the top of the screw and the bottom of the throttle rocker (or whatever it's called):

The screw that is there is an allen-head set screw. The problem is that, given the confined space and the tiny opening, it's next to impossible to get an allen wrench into the bottom of the screw, let alone turn it. So, I went to the hardware store and just about the same diameter and pitch bolt with a standard hex head. I moved the locking but onto the new bolt and put it in place. With a hex head, you can move the bolt by hand to adjust the throttle opening at idle, and then use a 6mm wrench to tighten the nut down to lock it in place.

It helps if you have someone else to hold the tank while you make the adjustments so that you can keep the connections hooked up and do it with the bike running. Just a tiny change in the screw makes a big difference in RPM, so you wouldn't want to do this by trial-and-error of removing and replacing the tank each time.

I moved my idle up to around 1,600. I'll do a short ride tomorrow and see what it's like. Disclaimer: The information contained on this page and on this site is condensed from the combined wisdom of the members and contributors of the Orange Crush Forum. The contributions are reprinted here exactly as posted by the contributors. The spelling, syntax, grammar, etc have purposely not been corrected in order to retain its original flavor. The contributors are from throughout the World, and English may very well not be their native language. Don't be an ass and complain about the lexicon. It is mostly subjective, with a little objectivity thrown in for seasoning, based on the experiences of the contributors. Use this info at your own risk. The site owner is not responsible for its accuracy or validity. None of the procedures described should be taken as recommendations by anyone. Take anything you read or hear anywhere, but especially on the World Wide Web with a very large dose of salt. The cognoscente is a skeptic.