Starter Torque Limiter Upgrade

By: Sadlsor

You're going to lose some oil when you loosen the generator case for removal. Be ready.

The good news is, you can leave all this alone.

This is what you have to deal with.

These are the original parts. There is not much wear to be seen, but we'll show the differences in a moment. The large flat washer on top and the smaller freewheel cog below are the culprits in this horrendous noise at startup.

Here is the new torque limiter, lying on top of the original for comparison. Note the different washer and capture nut on the shaft.

I tried unsuccessfully to show that there is a distinct curvature to the washer on the new torque limiter, as it is raised in the middle. Is this the bevel washer ridewestKTM refers to? The original washer is flat, but this one is "domed".

Here you see the back sides of the new torque limiter (left) and the old (right.) While the "spur" gears have 10 teeth each, there is a distinct profile difference, seen here.

Here are the new (left) and old (right) idler gears. This is the small cog with the snap-ring that lies beneath the actual torque limiter in the opening pictures. (If I had my Spare Parts Manual at work I'd give you the REAL names of the pieces... sorry!)

Note the difference in profiles here. New idler gear has a taller shank or collar, but narrower teeth or cogs as compared to the older gear.

New torque limiter and idler gear installed.

Last time I buttoned up the generator cover, I struggled a bit getting it lined up with the gasket while fighting that rotor magnet. This time I employed some cheaters. These are just the cutoffs from cable ties used elsewhere. I use them for smearing grease and other mundane chores. Now they have a new use.

And they actually worked! At least for me... it was much smoother, and the gasket wasn't falling out the entire time.

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