950/990 Adventure Farkles

This is where we show some of the many modifications that owners have done to their Adventures.

Extreme Make-Over Flanny Addition: Flanny's Version 7 mods to his Adventure. Includes the full series of his Flannyvision build videos on YouTube.

990 Adventure Prep: Hilslamer shows us his new 990 Adventure.

The Making of an LD Mount: smitty141 shows us the equipment needed to "Sit here, twist this" on the big Katoom 990.

BLM Fuel Cell: cpmodem shows us one way to double the range of the big Ninefiddy.

4.5 gallons of extra fuel on my KTM 990: Smitty141 tools this sweet lil' keg tank to get more range for his Katoom.

Aqualine Fuel Tank: Whip mounts the big 44 liter tank on his Adventure.

Twin Rear Rally Tanks: k2ride shows us that the Canadians are capable of very nice work, with this sweet means of carrying an extra 9 gallons.

Inside a 950 ADV Muffler: ganshert and his friends Neduro and Wayne open up a 950 silencer to show us what's inside.

Wings Install: cpmodem takes us through the relevant steps on his 950.

Leo Vince Install: DMS8's Installation of a Leo Vince exhaust on an 07 KTM 990 Adventure.

2in1 GPR exhaust prototype: Barasma is back with some photos of a new exhaust system prototype that he is field testing.

Oil pressure gauge installation: cpmodem documents the installation of an oil pressure gauge on his Nine-fiddy.

Rekluse Auto-Clutch: Cyborg installs the new Rekluse Auto-Clutch in his 990.

Aftermarket Clutch Master: AdvGa walks us through his inatallation of an Accossato master cylinder.

990 Adventure High Fender: Taurkon's kit cost less than the factory offering and looks/works better.

950 Adventure High Fender: PABiker's kit looks great for around $160.

GPR Steering Stabilizer: cpmodem shows us another way to tame the big Lippizan when she rears her ugly head.

Scotts Steering Stabilizer: GCRad1 unpacks his new Scotts hardware, and installs it on his 950.

Emig Steering Stabilizer: Pyndon leads us through the installation of his new steering damper and 20 degree offset triple clamps.

990 ADV Crashbar install - SW Motech: DSM8 detailes his crashbar installation for us.

990 H-T Crashbars...installed: Another option. KrustyKustom's H-T bar install.

DIY Crash Bar Studs: Geek walks us step-by-step through his stud replacement for the front crash Bar mounting bolts. Lots of excellent images.

TT Skidplate Install: DSM8's Installation of a Touratech Skid plate on an 07 KTM 990 Adventure

DIY Swingarm Reinforcement: ADVRonski upgraded his '03 Adventure swingarm using his welding skills.

Custom Centerstand for the 950: Head2Wind didn't like the alternatives, so he made his own for his 2004. The same approach will work for any year.

Sidestand Relocation kit: PABiker's installation instructions for his kickstand relocation kit. Save your engine case.

Soft Bags for the Adventure: SlowandSteady shows how he mounted the Givi "Voyager" bags on his 950.

How to Replace The Locks on Your Gobi Bags: stickysidedown holds your hand in this step-by-step pictorial to get all your luggage locks to open with one key.

Electronic Cruise Control: smitty141 comes through once again with possibly the first ECC for the big Katoom.

Auxillary Fuse Block: PABiker's install of a six circuit "Blue Sea" fuse block under the seat of his 950.

Custom LD Saddle: cpmodem chronicles the transformation of his Lippizan's 4X6 plank of an OEM seat into an all day, all night magic carpet ride at BMS in Ojai, CA.

Heated Grips: NothingClever shows us how he installed Sym-Tec heaters on his 950.

Heated Grips with a twist: I think you'll like this Sym-Tec install by ixab with a clever switch location.

Heated grips and a heat-troller: smitty141's photo of where he mounted the controller for his heated grip farkle.

Touring Screen Options: cyborg illustrates two options for better wind and weather protection on his 990dventure "S".

Cee Bailey Windscreen: cpmodem was one of the original field testers for the KTM 950 Adventure CB screen. See what he says about them, and the surprise conclusion he came to.

Yellow Pig Screen Mod: Here's Yellow Pig's famous modification to the OEM windscreen.

Dakar Screen and Side tanks: k2m's slick rally screen and side mounted fuel tanks. Based on those worn by the KTM Dakar Rally bikes

Duke II Mirror Conversion: Sakurama's super clean photo document of his Duke II mirror install, including part numbers.

Stebel Horn Install: cyborg details his ultra clean installation.

Hawke Oiler: NothingClever documents his Hawke Chain Oiler installation.

Scottoiler: Aurel took time out from his World tour to send us this very well illustrated step-by-step guide.

Crankcase Vent/Oil Seperator: k2m used a Honda XL650 crancase breather to solve his oily airfilter problem.

PowerPegz: cpmodem reviews this innovative piece of hardware.

Highway pegs: nevgriff64 provides lots of photos to document his expert mods for 950/990 comfort and safety.

Pastrana Handlebars: Garand describes his reasons for swapping the stock Pro-Tapers for the Pastrana FMX/ATV Race bend.

19/17 Setup Review: Yellow Pig's review of his 19" front/17" rear wheel conversion after a refreshing ride in the spectacularly scenic Colorado Rocky's.

HID Headlight Upgrade: youngblood provides us with lots of photos of his 990 HID headlight upgrade.

PIAA 510 Driving Lights: cpmodem demonstrates the PIAA's with the Euro headlamp.

PIAA 912 Installation: Stobes' very detailed installation. Lots of photos.

Shorai Li Battery Install: cyborg walks us through fitting this lightweight alternative to the heavy OEM Yuasa





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