Honda XL650 Oil Seperator


There is one more thing you could try. Go to a Honda dealer, and buy an oil separator from an XL 650. Get rid of the one way valve in the engine breather pipe if you have one. All that stored pressure can't help.
The separator allows the accumulated oil to return back to the gear box, back down the hose so you put it on an angle. That way you do not loose oil.

The Seperator

I removed it while playing with my FCR's and fitted a breather instead. Now I have oil all over the base of the seat and the bike frame. I'm beginning to think this "bloody thing" really works, and is worth the effort. It keeps your air filter free of oil.

I am going to re-fit it. Be sure to use hydraulic or fuel hose for this job as heater hose sucks when in contact with oil.

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